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Get Water Softener Installation

Joe's Water Tech offers professional water softener installation. If you would like your new system installed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, call on us! We take great pride in the detail and quality we put into our services. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, so we go above and beyond to meet customers’ needs.

Types of Water Softeners

  1. Ion Exchange: This system changes the ions in the water with sodium or potassium. This will remove all the ions that cause hardness in your water.

  2. Salt-Free: These types of systems use chemicals instead of ion exchange, meaning no minerals in the water will be removed.

  3. Reverse Osmosis: This system uses osmotic pressure to eliminate 90-99% of impurities.

  4. Magnetic: These systems use electric magnets to alter the state of the minerals in the water.

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